I am an abstract landscape painter working from my studio in the seaside village of Borth, on the West Coast of Wales. I originally moved to the area to study a joint degree in Fine Art and English Literature at Aberystwyth University, first at BA and then MA level. My work has always been founded in landscape however I aim to capture the essence of my time spent in it rather than trying to replicate a particular scene. Responses to the light, shadow and colour play I see in the countryside that surrounds me have become major themes in my work.

I have painted, walked and swum around Borth and Aberystwyth for the last five years. I have fallen in love with deep, cold dives into dark water and with golden storm clouds rolling across the sky. My paintings have developed out of frothy swims in winter waves, the calm of floating on the surface on a still day, and from the quiet moments looking out over the fields and bog from the studio window.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested my work: rachel-rea@hotmail.co.uk

Rachel Rea (Luxton)